bruthas backing bruthas

Uplift black men.

Our vision

In a day and age when it feels like it’s illegal to be Black in America, we want to protect and uplift our Black bruthas. We want them to know that they are valuable to the success of our community. Black men we need you.  


million black men live in america


of black men work in labor force


Of Black Men Are Married

About Us

Bruthas Backing Bruthas is a space created for Black men (and Black women) to uplift our bruthas. 

You’re here because someone who you love and care deeply about is a Black man. 

What better way to show and tell him that you love him than before the World in front of billions of people? 

Uplift Black Men.  

I got into an argument with my boyfriend when he said," Don't tear me down, uplift me." And from there the rest was history.

Arilia Winn, Founder 


Get Involved

Submit uplifting videos/posts to the email address listed below. There is a good chance that your video will be posted on our social media networks. 

Also, if you’re interested in Interning, please write “Intern” in the subject. 

  • Santa Ana, California, USA
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